Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What does it mean to be catalyzed? Well, I am a self-professed geek. I like scientific things; I always have. When you put a catalyst in a chemical reaction, it changes the chemicals in a way that usually speeds up the rate of reaction. Not impressed?

How about this? When something is catalyzed - it is FUNDAMENTALLY changed. That means it takes on a new "life" of sorts. It's completely different than it was before. As a Christian, this takes on a whole new meaning. When I decided to follow Christ above any other and really make Him first in my life, I experienced a "catalytic conversion." And I'm not talking about cars. Something drastically changed in my life. I no longer wanted to do things to please myself, but instead I wanted to do those things that I knew would please the heart of God.

I accepted Christ at a young age - at 8 years old. But it wasn't until much later in my life that I really recognized how different I was from my non-Christian friends. There definitely was a HUGE change in my life. And now, as an adult, I recognize how hard it was to live for Christ in my world then, and also how much harder it is for us even today to make a stand for Christ.

This blog is about challenging you to trace the events in your own life that led you to your own catalysis- your own change of heart. Once you've truly been changed by the love of God, you can't go back. That's what God does - He draws you constantly forward. Perhaps you, reading this, can't pinpoint such a time in your life when you were so dramatically changed. You haven't been catalyzed. Rest assured, though, that such a change is waiting for you if you want to find it.

Or should I say, find Him.

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